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4 Unmistakable Signs that Homeowners Need Foundation Repair After Water Damage

Many homeowners notice water pooling in their basements during the rainy season but shrug it off. They think that water is not that big of a concern and end up making a huge mistake. The water seeping into the basement for a long time can cause other major foundation problems. It can soak into porous building materials, negatively impacting their structure. Furthermore, these problems can range from replacing crumbling walls to Mesquite, TX foundation repair. If the homeowner’s house has recently survived a flood, he should watch for these warning signs of foundation repair.

Musty Air in the Basement

Almost every basement in a home is notorious for having a weird odor. Most people assume it’s because it is underground. However, the truth is that the stale, musty odor can be a warning sign. Mold spores and mildew are the prime reasons for the weird basement odors; both grow in moisture.

Moreover, the reason for an awful smell can be flooding contaminated with harmful bacteria and raw sewage. If a homeowner spots grayish or greenish substances on the walls, it could mean that mold or mildew has taken over due to moisture penetration. In such a case, contact the Mesquite, TX foundation repair professionals to know the source of the foul smell and deploy repair methods if needed.

Cracks Forming on the Basement Floor and Walls

After the basement is flooded, the porous building materials can absorb the water they come into contact with. When walls and floors absorb too much water, they start forming cracks. And these cracks shift with the changing temperature and humidity levels. Furthermore, the shift in the damaged foundation can affect the rest of the building.

While an individual might not see the foundation’s cracks, he can notice them in his home’s walls. Fixing the cracks in the walls and floors will not solve the problem; instead, hire a professional foundation repair service.

Wall Discoloration

Concrete is porous and, thus, is prone to discoloration when groundwater stays on the surface for a long. The stains usually come from minerals and are formed when the water dries on the concrete walls and floors. Moreover, staining on the walls, wallpaper, or carpet indicates water seeped through the concrete foundation walls. When a homeowner notices discolored walls, he should call an expert foundation repair contractor.

 Leaning Walls

A severe flood can displace soil beneath the foundation, leading to cracked walls. Moreover, displaced soil can allow nearby tree roots to burrow into the foundation cracks, making the cracks wider. All these movements can warp the walls, and unstable walls tend to bow or lean. If the load-bearing wall leans, it could cause a significant collapse. So, immediately opt for professional Mesquite, TX foundation repair on noticing leaning walls.

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Flood damage can further damage the home’s foundation, turning the safe space into a danger zone. Even after pumping out water, the damage to the foundation continues. No one will want his family to live there, fearing mold exposure or collapsing walls. If a homeowner spots any of these signs, he should understand that it’s time for foundation repair.