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Why You Should Consider Riding the Tricycle

Back at the end of 2019, nobody would have anticipated the global catastrophe that would face us. Now the world is at a standstill owing to the COVID 19 pandemic. Lockdown has been the only option for many countries.

But regardless of where you are in the world, sometimes you need to get out and exercise those muscles. Running or riding your bike is one way to keep fit. However, not everyone learned how to ride a bicycle. What’s more, some people have physical constrains such as an injury or old age that would put them at risk of serious injury by riding a bicycle.

A great alternative is using a tricycle. While it may seem simple and more stable, it still requires you to work your muscles which means you will come out fitter than you were before.

Let’s consider a few reasons why you should ride a tricycle during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Great for Exercise

As we’ve seen we have had to spend a lot of hours indoors. While this has proven effective against the virus, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that our bodies lose muscle when we remain inactive.

With an upright seat tricycle, you will be working your arms and legs. Even better is a recumbent tricycle. This requires your body to make use of core muscles as well as back muscles, your arms, and your legs. Find the ideal tricycle for you at Jorvik Tricycles.

And in case you got tired during your exercise, you can simply stop the bike and take a rest without having to get out.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

If you have lived a sedentary lifestyle for a long time, you may have noticed that your coordination is lagging. With riding a tricycle, however, you can improve your coordination since it requires you to use your eyes, hands, and legs simultaneously.

Better Balance and Climbing

Climbing uphill with a bicycle can be strenuous. It is even more difficult for people who don’t have a good balance. With a tricycle, however, you will notice that going up hilly slopes is much easier plus you don’t have to worry about losing balance.

Better Health

Many life-threatening lifestyle diseases are caused by a lack of exercise. Think of type 2 diabetes. By engaging in physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day, you can lower your chances of developing this killer disease by up to 40 percent. And the great thing is you can enjoy your exercise while riding a tricycle.

Higher Comfort Levels

Another reason you might to consider a tricycle during these times is the comfort levels. Compared to a regular bicycle that has small seats, tricycles have large seats that distribute the weight over a large surface area. This helps to reduce pressure points resulting in a much more comfortable ride.


Even while faced with a global pandemic, this is no reason not to keep fit. From improving your coordination to upping your fitness levels, you will find great benefit from riding a tricycle.   

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