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Diamond Earring Designs for 2020

If there’s a piece of jewelry that can go with any outfit, it would be diamonds! They are timeless and classic. With diamonds, your outfit gets that extra shine and glamour. What would be the best way to wear diamonds? They’re perfect as earrings of course!


An outfit is never complete until you’ve added your favorite earrings into the mix. Earrings give more attitude to the look. Sometimes they can also carry or drop the outfit. This is why it’s important to know what the right type of design to go for.


What are the best diamond earring styles to go for? How can these earring styles work with your outfit? Why are diamond earrings better than other styles? Read below to know why!


Diamond Earrings and the Variety They Offer


When it comes to diamonds, the cardinal rule is looking at the 4Cs. The color, clarity, the cut, and the carat are what make your diamond valuable as it is. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap the diamonds you have are, the value lies with the 4Cs. Once you’ve chosen the type of diamond you want, it’s time to check out earring designs that go with it.

  • Diamond Drop Earrings


You can call this style the “drop-dead gorgeous” look. The diamonds are at the center of two other gemstones in the shape of a water droplet. The diamond serves as the link between the stones as they dangle from your ears. It’s an astonishing design that will have heads turning in your direction.

  • Cluster Diamond Stud Earrings


This style will bring the most spark out of your diamonds. The style forms crystal flowers that radiate light at whichever angle you turn.  Small diamond cuts are being positioned in a flower pattern. There is no age limit to wearing this style. Anyone can rock these earrings with full confidence!

  • Diamond Multi Hoop Earrings


If you want to make a statement, then this is the style to go for. Diamond hoop earrings are fun and sassy to look at. The style involves a cluster of hoop earrings grouped. Each hooped earring has a belt of small pave diamonds around them. The wonderful thing about this design is that it is never boring and can perk up even a simple outfit.


Wear Your Diamond Earrings With Confidence


There are plenty more styles for diamond earrings. You will have to go with one that suits you the best. Confidence also adds to your beauty. Which is why always go for diamond earring styles that you are comfortable wearing.


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