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Stop Ruining the Baju Melayu Online

The recent dynamic of the baju Melayu online that features the altered version of the traditional look and concept has invited various negative perceptions. From the influence of Kurta to the rise of “Jubah Sado”, it has slowly degraded the value, the philosophy, and true concept of the traditional baju Melayu online that was inspired by our heritages.

The existence of hipster choices is seen as ‘provocative’ as opposed to the values and traditions of baju Melayu online.  The tendency of some designers who are trying to do something different polluting the original culture rather than celebrating our traditions. Some designers are just too obsessed with keeping up with the current trends that they are willing to ruin the culture for generations. For some, a modern twist given to the baju melayu online is considered as fresher, prettier, and follow the current trends without respecting the identity

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Instead of ruining it for the sake of getting more sales, the fashion designers should be responsible for researching the tradition to preserve the heritage and avoid damaging the baju Melayu. The altered and contemporary looks that they adopt in designing of baju Melayu online is temporary and would not be long lasting

Coupled with the emergence of another fashion crime like “Jubah Sado”, the trend has provoked various reactions from the society as it could threaten the heritage of traditional Malay clothing. The advent of modern options for baju melayu online has invited criticism from various quarters. However, we also need to realize that the latest fashion available in the market is determined or evaluated by many if it meets their needs or vice versa. Therefore, the education of values behind baju melayu online shouldn’t be exclusive just for fashion designers, but for everyone.

We should stop the ruin, and it must stop right away!

The original design of baju melayu online needs to be maintained and preserved because it is the face and identity of our nation’s heritage and even rich in aesthetic values that are full of philosophy. Taking inspiration from traditional clothing to be translated into contemporary clothing is not wrong as long as we produce it with respect, knowledge, and intention to uphold our cultural heritage

Ironically, many developed nations in the world still maintain and cultivate their traditional clothing. The Japanese, Chinese, Koreans maintain their traditional clothing and even make their traditional clothing the main symbols to represent the cultures. Similarly, the British, Irish, and other western countries retain the look of their traditional attires and continue donning them especially when celebrating festivities.

Sadly, in Malaysia, year after year some of the irresponsible fashion designers continue to alter and change the baju melayu online look to generate more sales and indirectly damage the authenticity and symbolic meaning through the use of Malay. If we do not control and manage the foreign elements that pervade our culture, we are afraid that the next generation would no longer be able to recognize traditional baju melayu online and its identity.

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