While planning to travel be it for a business trip, family vacation, honeymoon or even a simple camping adventure. One will always find the need to pack his or her belongings faster, neatly and also in a stress-free way. In this article, you are going to find amazing packing tips to make your work easier. Below are some of the ideas you can use while packing just to make sure you do not forget anything important.

Roll your Clothes then Pack them

Rolling your clothes before packing is one of the many ways you can use if you want to reduce creases. And create more space in your suitcase. Rolling your clothes while packing is easier and faster compared to folding them. Another way to help you reduce creases is to roll and pack them inside out. Make sure your light-coloured clothes are inside out. This will enable you to prevent stains that can settle on them.

Place the Heavy Items at the Bottom of your Suitcase

Some of the items that are heavy and need to be placed at the bottom include; books, shoes, and blankets. Placing the heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase will prevent items from smashing on each other. It will also keep your bag stable.

Place First the Clothes you Will Wear on Top

If you are on a business trip, it is important to pack the clothes you will first wear on top of your suitcase. This will work in a scenario where you have to attend a business meeting or dinner first thing after landing. Once you arrive you will have an easy time changing and dressing for the event. This idea is beneficial in many ways. It will allow you to pack for every event.

Do Not Over or Under Pack

While packing, you might want to have an easy time moving around with your luggage. And generally, a piece of heavy luggage is not easy to move around with. With this in mind, you might be tempted to pack a few items just to make your luggage lighter. This might turn out to be a problem because once you get to your destination you will after sometimes realise that you under packed and forgot some important items.

Overpacking can also be a problem especially in a situation you are required to bring a carry-on. Overpacking will only create more crease marks onto the items that you have packed and you might end up having a difficult time once you decide to repack and go back home.

Use a Suitcase that Stands Out

Imagine losing your luggage just because your suitcase is similar to other suitcases out there. This will for sure be a pitfall. To prevent this make sure your suitcase is branded uniquely. You can include a personal touch on it.

Make the Most Out of your Empty Spaces

While packing you end up with a lot of unutilised spaces. For example, shoes have underutilised spaces. You can use these spaces to put in things like headphones, charges or even the small purses that you need for your trip.

Take-Two Tops for Each Bottom

To avoid over-packing always make sure that you pack at least two different tops for each bottom you carry. This is because you are likely to redo or re-wear your bottoms.

Put the Breakables in your Socks

Things like perfumes made of glass should be slipped into your socks. The socks will act as a barrier in preventing the breakables from scratching and sticking on things.

Cover Your Dirty Shoes Using a Shower Cap

Covering your shoes using shower caps will prevent your clothes from getting dirty. Many are times one finds his or her clothes dirty just because he decided to pack dirty shoes next to clean clothes.


You can use the above tips to make sure that you do not forget an important item behind. These packing tips will enable you to make create more space for all your items to fit in. in addition to the ideas above you can also put cords, wires, and earphones in a sunglasses case.