Welcome to ABlogCuratedBy…Me!

My name is Jannine and i have been a ‘blogger’ since I was 7 years old. ! I never set out to become a blog owner but my site became really popular when i started sharing my lifestyle tips and experiences.

I love being able to meet new people and share life experiences and tips with my readers, it’s like I have gained a second family.

From cooking, skincare and beauty, fashion, family life and anything that i feel is interesting or could be helpful to my readers, i am eager to share it on my blog. Being an open book with my readers is something that is very important to me – if everyone was honest and open about their lives and experiences, we’d learn so much from each other!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and find some helpful life tips!

From time to time open up my site to other bloggers and allow them to publish a guest post.  I have strict rules for posting to my site so please make a note of the guidelines below.

  • Your post must be unique, detailed and very well written
  • I will not accept spammy content or links to illegal stuff
  • I do not accept gambling, porn or pharma posts
  • Your post will be proof read and check for originality

If you would like to write for us then please take a look at some of the topics we accept guest posts on.

  • Lifestyle
  • Health and beauty
  • Home and garden
  • Fitness
  • Food & Drink
  • Pop Culture
  • Music and Dance

Please take a look at some of our other posts and if you think that you would be a good contributor to my site then please contact me here: say hello