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Enjoy a Hotel with a Spacious Suite on Ratchada

Enjoy a Hotel with a Spacious Suite on Ratchada 1

Many seasoned travelers to Bangkok are finding that a hotel with a suite on Ratchada that offers a kitchen provides them with the ideal place to stay. 

Ratchada is becoming a preferred destination for regular Bangkok travelers visiting the city for business or pleasure. The area north of the central business district provides less traffic, easy access to the MRT rail system, and plenty of restaurants and shops. Many travelers take the Airport Express line to Makkasan Station, transfer to the MRT, and never have to brave the city’s notoriously congested traffic. 

Riding the MRT, they can access all the most popular areas of the city easily from Ratchada. The MRT is also interconnected with the BTS rail system, which travels the length of Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok’s most popular shopping and entertainment area. 

All the Comforts of Home

These travelers have discovered that when you’re away from home, one of the things you miss the most is the simple act of preparing food from home. There’s something comforting about coming back to your hotel suite on Ratchada after a long day, opening your refrigerator door, and deciding what to make for dinner. Amanta Hotel & Residence Ratchada provides everything you need to create familiar dishes that remind you of your home. Their suites come complete with pots, pans, dishes, glassware, and cooking utensils. 

There are also numerous grocery stores along Ratchada that feature shelves loaded with both local and international foods. 

Room to Move

Seasoned travelers have also discovered that room size matters when traveling for long periods. You want to stay in a comfortable hotel where the rooms don’t make you feel claustrophobic staring at the same oppressive four walls. 

At the Amanta Hotel & Residence Ratchada, you’ll enjoy a kitchen and dining area, a living area with a TV, a large terrace, and a separate, spacious main bedroom with a desk and another wall-mounted, large-screen TV. You’ll also have the luxury of a separate bathroom with both a shower and bathtub, a roomy walk-in closet, and a laundry area off the kitchen with a washing machine. 

Modern Amenities

The facilities outside your suite are also designed to provide comfort and ease for the traveler. Enjoy a breakfast buffet or lunch and dinner at The Breeze restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide range of classic Thai dishes along with international cuisine favorites. You can enjoy your meal in the air-conditioned dining room or eat alfresco by the pool. 

The large swimming pool and state-of-the-art fitness center help ensure that you stay in shape during your travels. Amanta’s Business Center is also perfect for hosting a business meeting with an important client while you’re in Bangkok.

Come Home to Amanta

Many travelers are discovering that with the comfort, facilities, and space the Amanta Hotel provides, it feels like they’ve come home every time they check-in. Discover what’s winning these seasoned travelers over. The next time you visit Bangkok, book a spacious Amanta hotel suite on Ratchada.