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Safe Football Parties During COVID


Football parties during the pre-COVID times were all about watching your favorite teams with friends inside homes and bars. However, since COVID-19 took the world by storm, football fans have had to adapt, and the adaptation will have to be endured until the pandemic is defeated for good.

In this post, we’ll take you through some essential tips for hosting safe football parties during COVID. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

1. Outdoor parties

Hosting a football party at home or a bar isn’t a good idea, as both are closed spaces, which increases the risks of the virus spreading from one person to another. As interior spaces have limited room, it’s also almost impossible to maintain social distancing. So, say no to indoor football parties and shift them to an outdoor venue such as a field or your very own backyard. This way, you can enjoy the most-awaited games with your friends without compromising on social distancing.

2. Make a list of whatever’s needed

If you’re hosting a backyard football party, you need to arrange for certain necessary things in advance. For example, you should have an abundance of disinfectant wipes, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, paper towels, plastic utensils, tables, and chairs. We also recommend buying a projector along with a projector screen, which would allow you to host football parties for as long as COVID-19 is around.

3. Do away with hand towels in your restroom

You, along with your guests, will have to use the restroom during the party. For accessing the restroom, they have to get inside your home. This can significantly increase contamination risks. However, you can keep the risks at bay by clearly stating to your guests how your restroom can be accessed before the party kicks off. Also, steer clear of hand towels, as sharing them can lead to the virus spreading. Instead, keep a stock of paper towels.

4. Be cautious regarding who you invite

If a close friend recently came back after a vacation, it’s best not to invite that friend. Sure, it might hurt not to invite some of your closest mates. However, you need to remember that as long as COVID-19 is around, safety should be your priority. It’s best to invite only those people who are taking safety precautions seriously and skip inviting the ones who aren’t. Of course, feel free to invite them to your football party virtually.

5. Arrange tables and chairs before the party starts

Arranging tables and chairs after all the guests have arrived can be messy as social distancing norms are likely to be flouted. Instead, make all seating arrangements well in advance of the game. Between each table and chair setup, there should be a gap of at least 6 feet. You could also set up barriers in the form of pylons or cones, which would remind guests to follow social distancing norms when they’re standing.

6. Bring your own food and drinks

Sharing food and beverages is a risky business during COVID times. To steer clear of it, we recommend asking your friends to bring their own food and drinks. Sure, it’s not the most hospitable way of hosting a football party. However, considering the virulence of the coronavirus, it’s a small price to pay for staying safe. Also, ask your friends to drink responsibly. Drunk people are much more likely to flout social distancing and safety norms than sober ones.

7. Bring the party to an end when the game ends

Before COVID-19, football parties were elaborate affairs. Most parties started well before the games and lasted longer than them too. However, keeping the same party practices up in today’s times isn’t a good idea. So, ensure that your party ends with the game. If there’s alcohol involved, the chances of people getting drunk are higher when the party lasts longer. That’s why you’ve got to be firm with your friends and end the party as soon as the game is done and dusted.

8. Adopt a ‘no mask no entry’ policy

Wearing a mask is one of the best ways of preventing COVID-19. Unfortunately, there are many people who refuse to wear masks. That’s why we recommend adopting a ‘no mask no entry’ policy. Simply put, if someone shows up without a mask on, politely decline that individual’s entry.

9. Give it some time before hosting another party

Once a football party comes to an end and everyone goes home, it might be tempting to do it all over again the following week. However, it’s best to let things lie low for at least a couple of weeks before you host another party.

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