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Top 3 Best Places in Croatia

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Croatia is known for its exquisite islands and breathtaking scenery. Croatia’s coastline is definitely a thing of beauty and no wonder that this country is one of the most visited places in Europe, especially during summer months. This also causes a boom in the economy and especially in the real estate area.


What could be more exciting than a summer getaway in Croatia? The country showcases the most beautiful beaches in the world. Croatia’s diverse culture, history, and scenery make it on top of every traveler’s lists. Aside from the beauty that the country is known for, Croatia also offers a huge variety of food options. Different Croatian regions reflect their own influences on every cuisine. Since the county is located on a long coastline, a wide range of fresh shellfish and seafood adds up to the fascinating and positive reviews about the country.

By now, you must be planning on your dream Croatian getaway. Well, good news. This article will help you choose the top 3 places to visit in Croatia for the summer.

So, sit back and read through the following paragraphs to learn about the stunning coastline of Croatia and the 3 best places for your summer getaway.


Uvala Dubovica is world renowned for its bays and coves. This beach is also popular for its racy nightlife. Tourists enjoy the chic bars that this place offers. The place is definitely best for the party goers and nightlife enthusiasts.

The beach is attractive and inviting. The food is superb, and the drinks will surely knock every tourist off their feet!

Located beside a historic and classy manor house, Uvala Dubovica attracts thousands of visitors each month. Who wouldn’t want to experience such a fun and lively atmosphere? Not to mention that the place is also conducive for team buildings. Aside from that, the whole family can also enjoy it as it features motorboat rides, scooter rides, biking and other outdoor adventures to explore.


Krk Island is famous for its cultural and historical heritage. There are a lot of exciting places to explore in this extraordinary Island. Situated in the Kvarner region, Krk is one of the most popular summer destinations in the world because of its serene waters and beautiful surroundings.

Popularly known as the “golden island “, Krk is rich in history and diversity.

Its beaches showcase sand, stone, and pebbles that are adorned with 15 Blue flags, which makes the place unique and different from all the other beaches. They have the best restaurants and coffee shops that tourists really love.


The Stari Grad on Hvar island is a popular celebrity getaway. No less than Beyonce and Bill Gates openly promote the place. It is the best destination for party goers. Nightlife here is superb and unforgettable.

Aside from partying, the Stari Grad is also known for its interesting historical background. Its renaissance history has made the place recognized as one of the UN World heritage sites.

So those are the 3 of the best places to visit in Croatia this summer. Plan your trip now and experience the Mediterranean atmosphere, for a change!