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Glam Up Your Camping Trip With These Great Accessories

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to travel, then DIY glamping is ideal. Now, you don’t have to break the bank and spend a fortune on camping gear or campsite hotels. In fact, you can have the same great camping experience without all the hassle of buying expensive equipment or paying through the nose for top-of-the-line campsite facilities – you just need to follow these simple steps. Whether you’re traveling for a couple of nights or a week long adventure, these simple tips will make your camping experience extra special:

Think about what kind of food you’ll be cooking during your camping trip – will it be a hassle to prepare with all the camping accessories? If so, then consider investing in some stylish and functional camping accessories to make great gifts. There’s no point in buying expensive and extravagant camping accessories if you aren’t going to use them! Here are a few accessories that you could include in your own campers checklist to help make your glamping experience that extra special:

Bring plenty of wine. When you arrive at your campsite, why not treat yourself to a leisurely picnic on one of the stunning cliff tops, overlooking a river or Lake Wanaka? Or perhaps you’d prefer to laze around in a hot-air balloon, above the stunning scenery and relaxing environment of New Zealand?

If you’d prefer to spend more time outdoors, then why not book some airtime on a helicopter or airplane so you can explore some of the fabulous gourmet and cultural food venues of New Zealand’s North Island? This is easily achieved with the help of an expert chopper pilot who will take you high above scenic scenery that will leave you spoiled for choice. Or perhaps you want to spend the day walking the famous Waitakeres Track, where you’ll witness a unique history of the First World War. A more relaxed option is to book a safari on the Zanzibar archipelago, where you can enjoy both zany entertainment and stunning scenery.

You’ve planned the perfect camping trip but don’t feel as though you have all that much extra room. It doesn’t have to be a problem! Purchase some colourful glow sticks and other light-up accessories to help liven up your campsite. Not only will these accessories provide light during those dark nights, but they will also be fun to carry around the campsite and provide some extra fun and interest for your night out. If you’re lucky enough to have a campsite next to stunning views of Lake Wanaka, you’ll need to ensure that you have additional space to store your equipment – so consider installing a loft underneath your tent or a portable table and chair for your next getaway.

Whether you’re traveling with a group of friends or a small group of family, there’s no doubt that a Glam camping adventure will be unforgettable. From stunning cliff tops to beautiful views and colourful activities, this adventure should make everyone feel like they’ve truly gone home. With all the essential equipment, you could even head to a nearby karioitahi beach and start whacking on some golf balls!