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Benefits of Using Polyurethane Finishing in Buildings

Polyurethane coating finish is the answer to several challenges concerning building exteriors. If one is looking for ways to improve the appearance, extend durability, save on energy bills, and overall protection of a building, polyurethane coatings are the solution. There are multiple benefits of adding polyurethane finish to the exterior surfaces of a building.

Comprehensive protection

When polyurethane coating is combined with epoxy primers and applied to the building surfaces, there is a smooth protective layer of barrier on the applied area. The barrier or protective coating is resistant to environmental elements like moisture, ultra-violet rays, salt deposition, and so on. The presence of the coating averts weathering elements that affect the appearance of the exterior building and causes damage due to corrosion.

Additionally, polyurethane coatings are also known to render a protective layer against toxic chemicals that can damage concrete materials and steel. Moreover, it also keeps dirt, dust, debris, bird poops, and harmful bacteria at bay. This is one of the reasons why the coating is so widely used and highly popular within the construction industry. Going without the coating invites risky and expensive consequences with maintenance costs and shortened durability of building exteriors.

Offers versatility

Polyurethane coating when mixed with an epoxy primer can be applied on different types of surfaces. It can be applied to engineered plastic materials, engineered foam systems, non-ferrous metals, steel, and so on. The versatility that such coating finishes provide is one of the prime reasons that it is widely used in all kinds of construction materials, including adhesives, sealants, and coatings.

The array of finishes that polyurethane coatings provide makes it even more widespread. The finishes are available in pearl, metallic, and solid color finishes, from matte, to gloss. Furthermore, the materials used are not toxic with harmful chemicals, thereby offering a protective barrier on the exterior of the building surfaces. The coatings can be applied in the form of spray application or via rollers and brushes.

A safe application

One of the highlighting features of polyurethane coating is that after it has been cured, there is no emission of harmful and toxic vapors. It is made from monomers, which are natural molecules. Thus, the coating is safe for application in buildings without causing any detrimental effects on people, animals, and the environment.

When polyurethane coatings and sprays are applied, it is highly recommended that the applicator and the individuals in the proximity must wear apt safety gear and equipment. Though it is safe without any harmful effects, taking precautions is always better. It is also suggested that the coatings must be applied by an experienced and skilled applicator so that the task can be rendered safely and successfully.

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The application of polyurethane coatings can bring out the natural aesthetics giving a smoother and more attractive texture to the exterior of a building. The coatings can also be used in the interiors including furniture finishes, and kitchen cabinetry. The weather protection provided by polyurethane finish improves the durability of the overall building and also helps in energy efficiency.