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Professional Air Conditioner Repairs

Is Your Heating and Cooling System Showing Signs of Age? Get Professional Care

All of a sudden, it’s happening to you. You’re hearing sounds from your furnace that you don’t think are normal; you’ve just received an energy bill that seems far higher than usual; or perhaps your air simply isn’t working the way it used to. In an even more challenging scenario, maybe your air isn’t turning on at all. No matter the situation, your conclusion is the same: it’s time to get your system fixed by a professional.

However, once you start researching HVAC companies near you, you may find that there are  many different meanings of “professional repair.” Unfortunately, you may end up on a few websites that don’t seem as professional as they should – and the details about the business are far and few between. On the other hand, there’s good news: if you look conscientiously for the top three characteristics that truly exceptional HVAC companies have in common, you’ll be able to rely on the business you’ve chosen. 

This guide explains these three important characteristics using excellent and not-so-strong examples of what HVAC companies offer, whether you’re in the market for air conditioner repairs, heating repairs, or any other residential HVAC service. Excellent companies are out there, but you have to look closely.

Look for Significant Professional Experience and Evidence that the Company Makes Customers Happy

Let’s take two HVAC companies as examples. When you go to Company A’s website you see a lot of bold claims that feel like they were written by an over-the-top car dealership. They look somewhat enticing, and the flashiness attracts your attention.

However, when you investigate further, you start to see some red flags. First, the company has only been around for a couple of years. Second, when you look at the company’s reviews and testimonials from customers, you see a lot of comments that are less than desirable. You even see the word “unprofessional” in the feedback, or something to that effect.

On the other hand, Company B’s website is confident, but simple, and exudes teamwork and family values. You see the company’s experience listed right on their website: their combined experience spans multiple decades. In addition, the testimonials and customer reviews are excellent. Sure, there’s the occasional difficult customer, but the glowing reviews truly glow.

You start to imagine yourself writing the same kind of review because, well, wouldn’t it be nice to get professional HVAC service and feel like you’re set up for the next cold winter or scorching summer?

The number of years in business and customer reviews are two excellent ways to determine the level of professionalism you’ll get from an HVAC team. The repairs you receive are going to be based on what the technicians have experienced in the past, which will make for an effective service visit and a business transaction that you’re satisfied with.

Next, Look for a Fully Bonded Company with Certifications, Licensing, and Insurance

Let’s return to Company A and Company B. Even though a customer shouldn’t go much further with an HVAC business like Company A, there are a few other signs that this company wouldn’t be a good fit outside of their apparently poor customer service and their limited experience. Company A, on the other hand, has even more excellent qualifications to show off.

When it comes to an HVAC company, you want to be sure that they’re not fly-by-night contractors who’ve managed to present the appearance of a real business, but don’t have the insurance or any of the other necessary protections that benefit both their technicians and you, the consumer.

Company A is more likely an independent contractor who has been operating under the radar.

When asked, Company A is not bonded to protect against a job that doesn’t go as expected. This means that if the customer realizes that something about the workmanship needed correction, they will have no one to turn to. Company A will say that it is not their problem.

Additionally, Company A isn’t insured. They don’t have any liability protection should their workers get injured on the job. This means that Company A’s technicians may work for them for a couple of weeks, but recognize there are far better working conditions at another company. Therefore, Company A has technicians without experience and who are enduring substandard treatment.

Company B on the other hand is a fully bonded, licensed, and insured company. They have a certificate of insurance, a trade license, and they have necessary protections in place to ensure that every job is done safely, correctly, and up to code, so that customers and workers get what they deserve. A company that knows how to respect its technicians and its customers is a superior company. Company B represents such an HVAC business, and this is another reason to trust them with professional HVAC repairs.

Experience, Customer Satisfaction, Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance are Signs of True Professionalism

This article will be helpful to you when you’re seeking HVAC repairs and you’re not sure which company to trust. You know you deserve professional repairs, but you’re wary of calling service technicians because of the varied quality of service you’ve received for other home repairs. Fortunately, if you remember the characteristics outlined above, and you ask questions and do your own research until you are certain you’re working with a professional, your HVAC system will be working as good as new very soon. No homeowner should have to wonder about whether the company they are working with is excellent or subpar. However, if you use this guide thoroughly, your worries will be gone. Professionalism is something you can measure, and this group of qualities is your yard stick.

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