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To Refinish Or Replace? Assessing The Scale Of Your Home Projects

There can be a world of difference when it comes to refinishing an area in need and replacing it entirely. One route could cost you big but offer a range of customization options and the other can save you money, if only on a temporary basis. However, if the floors show significant damage that cannot be patched or covered, especially if there is water damage affecting the baseboards, it may be time to replace. Another indicator that replacement is necessary is the height of the boards. Resurfacing requires a thick enough surface and if you’re down to the nails, sanding and refinishing just won’t be possible.

As for tiles, whether they’re on the floor or a part of the bathroom features, there are ways to prolong use if still in good shape. For instance, they may be painted to cover faded colors, or a new caulk or grout could be applied. Of course, these fixes may not last if the root of the problem is left unaddressed. If there are signs of extensive water damage lurking under the surface, it’s best to consider replacing the tiles. Otherwise, mold, no matter how often it’s removed with bleach, may grow back time and again. Also, significant cracking can lead to leaks or buckling of the floor and these warnings often call for tile replacement.

For further examples of home projects and how to assess the scale of work needed, please see the accompanying resource.

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