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Pet Accessories: Choosing a Dog and All that Goes with It

Deciding on which dog is right for you is only the first decision to make. There is a whole host of accessories out there to choose from, too. From dog leads to dog collars. Not just plain ordinary collars but those befitting of a dog who means something very special to you. Companies such as Fetching Ware are barking up the right tree when it comes to knowing not only what a dog wants, but its owner, too.

Different Dogs and Their Leads

When it comes to leads you will want to consider just what sort of dog it is that you have chosen. As a puppy they can all pull until they are trained but it is how large and strong your dog will become that dictates the quality and strength of lead that you will ultimately need to keep them to heal. In terms of this pulling power, you will want to consider a lead that is tough and hard wearing, yet still pleasing to the eye. Interestingly, the dog with the most weight pulling power ever was Delbert, a 150-pound Alaskan Malamute from Cascade Kennel. He pulled the current record of 5,400 pounds. He may be too much for any lead. Another dog to need all your strength for would be the Mastiff, which is the most powerful of the dog breeds. But not to digress, you will also want to consider the colour of your chosen lead. Dogs can see colours, too, albeit not as many colours as their handlers. Moreover, dogs see colours differently to humans, rather like the green colour blindness that some humans experience. So, really, the colour is probably up to you as the owner. Your dog is more likely to see the lead for its shape, when you pick it up and announce it is time for a walk, and appreciate the collar when it is a nice feel around their neck.

The more playful a dog, the greater lead control you will need. There is an article that you can read that will give a view by scientists on which ones are the most playful as a breed.

The most popular breed, according to the American Kennel Club and the Kennel Club in the UK, is the Labrador Retriever. This is the same for Australia, too. This breed of dog does seem an appealing option, and no doubt made popular by the toilet TV advert it appeared in. Conversely, the Cesky Terrier is considered one of the least popular dog breeds. According to canine psychologists, the Border Collie is the most intelligent breed of dog. At $8,000, Dogo Argentino is the most expensive dog. The Norwegian Lunehun is the rarest, and Bow Wow the longest living. The Border Collie, of course, is used to round of sheep.

In terms of your dog’s collar, it looks good to have their lead and collar matching. And the trendier the whole combination is, the greater impression you will make as a team when out walking your dog. You will not only meet fellow dogwalkers but other people too that you may or may not know. In terms of other dog owners, you may well see the same ones each day, who will admire your dog’s lead and colour, if it is worth admiring. It will be a topic of conversation other than your dog itself. Not that dogs are uninteresting things to talk about.

Different Accessories

So, we have leads and collars, which have already been mentioned. Other accessories for a dog might relate to the toys that they play with. If you invest in one with a squeaker, it will not necessarily be an investment, as in no time at all your dog will have found the squeaker and destroyed it. Then, although, peaceful, you may not consider the toy much value for money. All good fun, though. And in addition, there are various devices that throw balls out for a dog to catch. Just keep your fingers crossed that your dog brings the ball back so that you do not have to retrieve it. Then, there are coats to keep your dog warm during the cold seasons. Warmer than you, probably.

Different Occasions

So, what has my dog done to deserve a new collar? Well, it may be their birthday, or you may simply want a change on your dog’s behalf. You may want to consider a luxury collar after having one that is quite basic in design, and primarily just to train your dog. And just as a dog deserves an edible treat, it surely deserves a longer lasting one, too. After all, in most households, dogs are considered a part of the family, and you buy your other family members presents.


So, to sum up, dog choices are not just about the breed of dog but also about the accessories that make a dog and its owner happy.


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