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Christmas Gift Guide for the Hot Tub Owner in Your Life

There’s nothing quite like a hot tub party with friends! If you have a friend, family member or partner that loves to throw parties in their hot tub, then show them your thanks for all those fun memories made with a thoughtful gift from our guide below.

Outdoor Towel Warmer

The gift they never knew they needed! A towel warmer is an ideal gift for any hot tub owner. Not only will this gift add an element of luxury to their hot tub sessions but they’ll also find it to be a very practical and useful accessory, especially when using their hot tub in winter.

Hot Tub Charm

A gift for the hot-tub-crazy person in your life: let them show their love for their most prized possession and favourite pastime, everywhere they go, with an adorable hot tub charm!

Personalised Towel/Robe Hook

Any hot tub owner will know a convenient place to hang their towel or robe is an absolute must. Take their hot tub experience to the next level and add a bit of luxury to their garden space with a personalised hook for their towels and robes.

Neon Hot Tub Sign

A neon hot tub sign is perfect for the hot tub owner in your life who loves to throw parties, or simply loves to decorate their hot tub space!

Personalised Hot Tub Towel

What do you get the hot tub owner who has everything? A personalised hot tub towel of course! This is an ideal, low cost gift that you’ll be sure they’ll use!

Hot tub Garden Sign

Let everyone know where the party is with a beautiful hot tub sign!

Hot tub Christmas Ornament

Spread the festive cheer and let them show their love for their hot tub at the same time with a whimsical hot tub Christmas ornament!

Silicone Wine Glass Set

Glass and hot tubs don’t mix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a drink of wine or a delicious mocktail while relaxing in your tub. A silicone wine glass set is sure to be something any hot tub owner will appreciate!

Bamboo Bath Mat

Make stepping out of their hot tub feel even more luxurious with a natural bamboo bathmat. Bamboo is very easy to keep clean and this bathmat can be folded away when not in use for added convenience.