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Is it Really Tissue Paper You Need? Here are 5 Alternatives

Coronavirus is a disease that has everyone in shock. Who would have thought that such a condition with flu-like symptoms would be causing the deaths of many? It is both as shock and antagonizing pain to see how fast the diseases are spreading and killing many. What is most absurd at this time of this crisis is how people are panicking and stocking up tissues. The rest of us are left wondering what manual we did not read concerning buying too many stocks of toilet paper.

The supermarkets are running short on tissues as the toiletries are going from low to empty. But the question is, is it essential to use all your money on buying a yearlong packet of tissue? The answer is simply no. The cash is more important in buying more useful foodstuffs and just the amount of toilet paper you need. Here are some of the alternatives.

Time to Try the New Dabbing Style

Even in worst times, try to look for the bright side in it. We could say that there is no bright side to the deaths taking place in days but look at how we could prevent the spread. We all know that prevention is better than cure, then you could have some fun preventing yourself from getting the disease.

Dabbing is a style that involves your nose touching your elbow. Dabbing means that you avoid the fluid that comes from your mouth and nose from land on other people and landing on your clothes.

Upgrading your Fashion

Coincidentally the disease is spreading on a cold season with the flu-like symptom. Why not take advantage of it rather than carrying rolls of tissue and styling your fashion up. You could always use scarves to cover up your mouth when sneezing.

It is not preferred when going to very crowded places, but it is better than nothing. You could always match it up with the colour of your clothes to make it more fashionable.

Wearing Masks

The mask is mostly for infected people. The spread of Coronavirus can be limited by wearing masks. It is advisable to wear masks in public places. Masks may be uneasy to wear, but it is essential in making the world a better place. You do not have to use old boring masks, but you can get them well designed not to make everything sad and boring.

Using Handkerchiefs

It may not be the best method because you need something disposable. But you can be assured it is better than just carrying a big bag of tissue rolls. The handkerchiefs can be quite expensive, but ignorance is worse. You would rather spend your cash than later regret in getting people close to you infected.

Using Wet wipes

Wet wipes may not be too efficient since most of them do not contain alcohol, but as this disease spreads from even touching surface. Your phone could be one of the devices that could catch the illness fast. You could always avoid that by using the wet wipes to wipe your phones. They are better since they can be reused by adding alcohol in them and using them again and again until they are dirty.


Things may get worse, and the supermarkets may run out of tissue supplies. You do not need to worry if you have just enough. There other things that are more effective and better to use than only toilet papers.

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