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7 Ways You Can Prepare For Hard Times

We are talking about life, which means we are not always going to have the best and easiest times in our lives. We are going to be up at times and other times down. That is just the simple definition of being human. There is nothing like a perfect life, no matter what.

In hard times, you need to do things that will not drive you to the edge. Most of the people go through hard times, and it strikes as far as depression or worse suicide. Such cases are because We are not prepared for such dark times.

Here are some of the ways to prepare for hard times to avoid going over the edge.

Always Be Positive

Positivity is the key to locking doors that may make life more bearable. In the case of people who see nothing but the negative in every side they tend to become more violent and a threat to others. You should always see the beauty in getting fat and not just see the excess body fat in you. There is always a positive side to everything. It all depends on the way you look at it.


You might not always get to know what will happen in the dark times but trusting that all will be good is always right. You have to believe that you will conquer. You have faith that even if you get bruised, you will still make it alive. That is what having faith means. Also, if you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, you know, there is away.

Keep your Relationships Strong

In difficult time you need to have people closer than ever. People who will comfort you and hold on to you. When you bring people who are trustworthy near you more, you will be sure not to walk alone even in your darkest times.

Get a Hobby

Hobbies distract you from fears and everything else. It takes you to your happy place when you are drawing or writing songs. You relive your worries to the world, and it makes you more relaxed.

Have Food

Food is the answer not only to the stomach but to the mind. If you have enough food to last you long enough, you will be prepared for the worst times.


Get yourself drunk with fun, with simple videos as cats fighting dogs or children saying most ridiculous things to watching movies on your favourite stars will take you off the edge.


So long as there are utilities, you should be ok with your water source. It is good to store some extra though, for an emergency. You should certainly do this if you have well water that relies on the power grid.


I encourage you to embrace the less tangible aspects of preparedness and consider events of the day a wake-up call advising you to get on with life in the best and most humane way possible.

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