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Home Working Must Haves

Whether your hybrid or fully home based, homeworking is likely to be more than a temporary fad. So its very likely that in the future you or someone you know will start looking at ways to make your home working experience more enjoyable. That’s why we’ve pieced together this list of must have home office essentials that will make sure your even more comfortable at home then you are in the office.

A comfortable chair

One of the biggest shocks that those new to home working have, is how much time you will now spend sat down. Gone are the days where a colleague might invite you away from your desk for a coffee, or those lingering conversations at the water cooler. You are now in a world where if you are not a natural fidget, you need to actively remember to get up and move around.

This is where a comfortable, supportive and ergonomic chair comes in. Warning, before you start chair shopping you might want to take a seat as prices for office chairs can vary from hundreds to thousands. Our recommendation (if possible) is to avoid the lure of online chair shops and to get out into the real world to try before you buy. You can still make the final purchase online, but we recommend a little assurance before you part with your cash.

A well it room

Following the trend of our first suggestion, when you settle in to work from home it can be surprising how much dimmer our home environments are in comparison to the air-conditioned commercially lit office spaces, we are most familiar working in.

The number one recommendation would be to ditch the traditional filament-based lighting you maybe familiar with in favor for some LED lighting. LED bulbs offer a whole range of superior benefits to some of the alternative light options, for example:

  • They are cheaper to run as they consume less energy, and most of the energy they do consume is more efficiently converted into light. Meaning they use less energy and therefore save you money on your energy bills
  • LED lights are the closest thing to natural light. Detail orientated tasks and lots of computer time can be taxing on your eyes and LEDs can help to create a more natural daylight like experience. Ignore this point if you are lucky enough to have a workspace flooded with natural light.
  • The lifespan of an LED bulb is considerably longer than traditional bulbs

Although LEDs can be more expensive to buy than their traditional counterparts, you are likely to make long term savings from their increased efficiency. Also, as LED technology reaches maturation, online lighting shops like All Lights, now offer LED bulbs at exceptionally low prices.

Comfy but smart home working clothing

Trust us, it may sound like an oxymoron. Many people based from home take it as an opportunity to live in PJs. However, research has found that that by still making a little effort in how you dress each day can actually improve mood, productivity and performance.

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