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Getting your home ready for summer

To feel summer ready you want to transform your home and in doing so you can transform the way you feel. Summer is all about shaking off the cobwebs and getting the warmer wardrobe out so freshen up your home and you can freshen up your feelings too.

Get Creative

Making your space look a little more exciting could bring some vitality right back into your home  and help you feel a lot brighter and awake as we come out of hibernation. So get creative and don’t be afraid to make some wild colour choices. The bolder the better for the summer so if you’ve been tempted to paint the bathroom wall hot pink for quite some time now, go for it! Pastel colours are also great for the summer and with soft sage green on trend right now as well as powder blues and pinks, decorating a room with a brand new colour scheme can infuse the summer into your home and bring back some vitality.

Add some green 

If you’re feeling a little glum by the weather we’ve been under during the long months between September and May, it’s finally time to bring the outside in. Popping in a few plants around your home can help you feel more welcoming of the new season and create a more vibrant interior. So whether you’re draping your stairs in ivy or you’ve bought a couple of aloe vera for the window sill, a little greenery can make a big difference. And if you’re mooching around the housing market for something that offers a little more green then shared ownership homes in Hampshire could be a pretty green alternative option.

Home office creations

If there’s anything you might want to invest in for the summer in 2022, it’s a home office space. Somewhere calming and organized to help you stay motivated with plenty of summer light flooding in could make a big difference to your productivity. So whether you already have a built in young professional cave or you’re new to the game, splashing out on some organisational pieces and a nice sturdy desk could seriously help you feel like you’ve got your life together. Summer is the perfect time for fresh starts and getting organised and we all know how helpful a spring clean can be so, wake up your working space for the season and feel positive about your interior.

Clean up your outside

Summer months are the perfect time to get a bit more vitamin D whether you’re sat in the garden or lying on a lounger on the balcony. Whether you live in a city apartment or a family home in Kent, now is a great time to clean up your exterior and make it ready for the season. Placing down a few planters or flowers, cleaning out the flower bed or even investing in some garden furniture can be just what you need to welcome in the season. So embrace the outdoors a little more and lets hope summer 2022 will be a warm one.

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