Now You Can Indulge in Online Shopping for Modest Wear scaled

Now You Can Indulge in Online Shopping for Modest Wear

There’s no doubt that one of the most catastrophic and disruptive events the world has experienced in most of our lifetimes has been the ongoing scourge of COVID-19. 

However, some positive aspects have emerged from the need for social distancing, lockdowns and quarantines. One of the most valuable has been the near-universal acceptance of online transactions to conduct nearly every type of business. Even modest wear is now available via online shopping.  

Customer-oriented Shopping

Some businesses at first resisted this switch to a digital marketing and sales platform. But when people are concerned about doing business face-to-face and venturing out into public, the burden begins to fall onto the business to make life easier for the customer. 

When their competitors are the first businesses to switch to a digital platform, the most resilient companies can start to falter. But when they saw how easy it was to make the switch and adopt the seamless online sales model, even the smallest businesses started to see the advantages of doing business safely in the “new normal”.

Serving Your Loyal Clientele

For many business owners, the switch to a digital business model even meant they picked up new customers. 

The modest wear clothing market in Malaysia is generally confined to the Muslim population of the country, which is in the majority. A quality modesty wear clothing company operating in Kuala Lumpur would normally have a steady clientele of locals that they could rely upon to buy their clothes regularly. 

Switching to a digital sales solution doesn’t affect clients living in the city much one way or the other. It’s probably even easier to have their purchases delivered to their homes instead of visiting the store. But when people outside the city living in rural areas suddenly have the ability to buy something online that they would normally have to travel a great distance into the city to get, the impact can be profound on both the rural consumers and the business serving them for the first time. 

It can provide consumers with new opportunities to present themselves more appropriately, save money in buying clothes, and have a greater variety of clothing readily available. For the business, it can mean opportunities for expansion, earning greater brand recognition and improving the supply chain.

At the start of the pandemic, the businesses dealing with modest wear customers were concerned that a lot of their customers would choose to continue to shop the old-fashioned way, and the new digital business model would be underutilized. But as the crisis intensified and the government made lockdowns and quarantines mandatory, everyone could see that switching to a digital business model was the best investment they ever made for their customers as well as their business.  

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