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Child’s Playroom Design Options

Paints and crayons, arts and craftworks and toys. Your child’s playroom sees every messy element that can possibly pose a challenge.

Every day that they are at play in a playroom you know that clean up is going to be more than simply picking up toys from around the room. If you have the space for a playroom then you have the opportunity to plan ahead and prepare it to last against every kind of potential enemy of cleanliness.

Here are some of the hot trends in design for a child’s playroom.

White Walls

Used in office environments, white walls are great for writing on and easily cleaning them after use.

Nothing creates more drama than having your playroom wallpaper torn down by a rampaging toddler. Especially after all those hours you have spent putting it up. White walls are now great replacements for wallpaper or paint, because we all know how much a felt pen and a wall is an irresistible force to a creative child. This allows for great playtime where you can join in on the fun, do home-schooling together and keep kids minds creative and healthy.

Plus, it’s a great item to have that good behaviour chart written on each week.

Vinyl Flooring

Some of us remember the early days of vinyl being a very flimsy product that looked horrible, but over the years and every kind of development in security and practicality it has become the number one recommendation for homes by interior designers.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for children’s playrooms due to its anti-stain and anti-scratch properties, meaning pen ink and toys will not leave a lasting impression as it is so easy to clean and maintain. No threat of water seeping through due to waterproof technologies at play and with a naturally cushioned quality, your children will get decades of durability from the product and you will get a lot of ease in maintaining it to its original standard.

Timeless Colours

As your child grows, certain colours will not suit their needs.

Using paint and furniture that is more neutral means that they last much longer instead of requiring a full rebrand. If you have implemented Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, then it would be recommended in getting rubber tipped furniture to protect your flooring’s durability. Having these small areas of consideration mean that your child’s room can effectively last through teenage years also, where toys can be replaced with a games room or studio space for their creative endeavours, which gives you a peace of mind and time to yourselves when needed.

When implementing a child’s playroom, you can think ahead to keep your room active and not in need of change anytime soon. From white walls to Luvanto to neutral colours, everything helps to provide a safe, fashionable, and comforting space for your toddlers to grow.

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