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Reasons to Get a Custom Engagement Ring

Have you ever thought about getting a custom engagement ring? Though many people might consider it, many decide not to do it because of roadblocks they think exist. 

For example, they might think it’s too expensive or they don’t know how to design a piece of jewelry. However, these “roadblocks” aren’t nearly as troublesome as you might think. It’s even easier to order now, as many jewelers offer custom engagement rings online with plenty of available options to choose from.

Check out 5 reasons why you should get a custom engagement ring here!

1. Your Love Is Unique

The love you share with your special someone is unique to the two of you. There is no other love like it in all the world. A custom engagement ring is the perfect way to symbolize that love. 

You’re not forced to choose a pre-made design at the jewelry store — or worse, a cookie-cutter model that is already seen everywhere. You can create an engagement ring that is as unique as the love you share. 

2. The Freedom to Choose Exactly What You Want

Custom made rings give you a lot of freedom. You get to pick the exact materials, cut, style, color — literally everything about how the ring looks. There is no compromising on any aspect of the design. You can have everything exactly how you want it. 

3. A Personalized Touch

Choosing a custom engagement ring means you can add personalized or sentimental touches. Perhaps you’d like to use a diamond from a piece of your grandmother’s jewelry or add a birthstone accent. 

Perhaps a certain color gemstone reminds you of a special memory. For example, choose one of the 37 blue gemstones to remind you of the day you met by the sea. 

Whatever it is, you can incorporate this personal touch when you work with a jeweler to create a custom engagement ring. 

4. It’s a Special Process

Whether you design the ring by yourself or with your partner, it’s a special process. The journey to create the perfect ring is something you’ll remember for years to come. 

It’s even more beautiful if you design the ring together. Each of you gets to be a part of the process, she gets exactly what she wants, and everybody walks away happy!

5. It’s Less Expensive Than You Think

To those who don’t know, designing a custom ring might seem like an expensive process. After all, rings are already expensive and customization comes at a price. 

In reality, it can be easier to stick to a budget when designing your own engagement ring. Because you have full control over the materials, cuts, style, etc, you have more control over the final price of the piece. 

Give your jeweler a set price that you don’t want to go over and they can help you design the perfect ring within that budget.

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A Ring to Cherish Forever

The goal of an engagement ring is to wear it for a lifetime. Creating a custom ring not only shows your special someone how much you love them but also gives them something they will love to wear for decades.

And don’t worry if you don’t know how to design a ring, that’s what jewelers are for. They will take your ideas and turn them into something that is just right!