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What Costs Are Involved When Hiring a Professional Photographer?

If you’ve decided to hire professional photographers for your wedding, you will want to know the costs involved so you can factor it into your budget. Even though hiring a professional photographer is an additional expense, it’s worth it for a number of reasons.

Why Hire Professional Photographers

Before getting into the costs of working with a pro, you should understand why it’s important to work with one. Professional photographers have the experience you want for your special day. They have handled these events many times in the past, so they know what works. Photographers often suggest poses you might not think of on your own. They’re creative and artistic and know how to capture the energy and happiness of the moment.

Professional photographers know their job, which means they can help you stay on schedule (and keep you from stressing out about missing special moments). Photographers know how and when to capture these special moments while simultaneously staying out of the way. If anything unexpected happens, they know how to adjust and come up with a backup plan, which reduces the married couple’s stress.

Wedding Photographer’s Costs

Make sure you know what professional photographers generally charge for weddings when choosing your wedding photographer. Research online all your options. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Keep in mind that the following costs will need to be factored in to your budget for a photographer:

Time Costs

The photographer will likely have a selection of packages based on their time spent at the wedding. They can range from two or three hours to unlimited coverage. You may choose a smaller package and photograph only the wedding or select a larger option for the entire day.

Traveling Costs

If you want to hire a photographer that doesn’t live where your wedding is taking place, you may need to pay for the photographer’s travel costs. This could include paying for an airplane ticket, paying for gas, or paying for any other form of transportation.

Editing Costs

Once the photos are completed, your photographer will spend a great deal of time editing your photos to make them look fabulous. If you request special photos or filters, such as collages or wedding albums, these products will come with an additional cost. The photographer may also have a separate charge if you want digital and/or hard copies of your photos.

Extra Photo Shoots

Many couples want a photoshoot of the engagement. They may request the photographer be present for the rehearsal dinner to capture those fun moments. The bride or her family may want a special bridal portrait. These sessions will cost extra, but they capture many of the special moments leading up to the wedding.

Tipping the Photographer

Tips aren’t part of the package, but it’s a nice gesture and something you should include in your budget. The average tip for a wedding photographer is between $100 and $200.

Planning Your Photo Budget

When you meet with professional photographers for the first time, they will sit down with you and ask you a lot of questions. They’ll show you all their packages and help you decide which package best suits your needs. They will go over every detail possible so you know what to expect on your wedding day. They should also go over all the costs up front so you don’t end up with any surprise charges at the end of the day.

A professional photographer is an important part of your wedding day. They will capture all the big and small moments that make the day so special. Make sure you find a photographer you know will meet and exceed all your expectations.