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5 Entertainment Options During Self Isolation

Different countries throughout the world are closing schools, museums, shops, and gyms to appeal their people to practice self-isolation and social distancing to control COVID 19 pandemic. Being alone at home all day is very hard, though. Though there are fun and productive kinds of stuff you can do to distract yourself from the dreamlike circumstance we’re all getting ourselves to.

Here are 5 Entertainment Things to do While you’re in Self-isolation

Watching Movie Series

Have you been missing out on the latest drama and action? Maybe this is a chance to get back to watching everything you have missed from working too hard. You can catch the latest melodramatic life of our favorite stars and what went down on the latest criminal investigations.

Playing Family Games

Do you ever get time to sit back and play games against your old folks and sisters? Try testing your gaming skills while in self-isolation and get to crawl back into your warm covers try to make new records of the game you left behind years ago. It could also be the time for you to catch up with your family on playing puzzles and crosswords. Not everything has to be boring.

Finish your Reading List

You probably have an incomplete reading list that you have been putting off to read when you are free. What better time are you free than that on self-quarantine. You can catch on the latest books or novels and dream more with your eyes open.

Books will distract from what is happening outside and help you focus on another world. It gives you the chance to see yourself as the hero of every story. It gives you the chills when you see yourself walking into the dark house in your favourite horror novel.

Updating your Playlist

Since you stopped listening to music because you were too busy for that stuff, music has grown, and new genres have been brought up. Instead of sulking up wondering what went wrong, listen to the latest hits and you will probably want to change your taste of music.

You will notice that music has changed and it is no longer the way it was before. You will find hits that will carry you through the day, and you will not notice how the days pass by so first.


Missing grandma’s recipes? Tired of just having to eat canned food or boiled noodles? I would be too. It is time to perfect your cooking skills by making all your favorite meals in your unique way. Discover secret recipes that you will pass down to your kids. Start your food tradition and make something that you will remember for years to come. That special Sunday meal will not just create itself.


Although remaining isolated is an excellent way to protect yourself and others, it is an important measure to help “flatten the curve” of daily cases that put pressure on our health care system, which could lead to lesser evil boredom and stir craziness

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