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4 Ways to Help Grieving Mothers Feel Loved During Love Month

It’s the holiday of love, but many grieving mothers don’t feel much like celebrating, especially in their first year after losing a child. During the month of February, you can help those who are healing after the loss of their child to celebrate how much they’re loved even in their sadness. Here are three ways to help grieving mothers feel loved during Love Month.


Send them a gift

A small gesture of your love and support can go a long way. We’ve heard from many grieving mothers that they get lost in a sea of people trying to help them, and it can be hard to feel loved amongst all of those people. By sending them a gift (with a personal message), you can bring some attention back onto them and their feelings – plus it’s guaranteed not to go unnoticed! If you don’t have time for an in-person visit, or if distance constraints are preventing you from visiting, consider sending flowers or chocolates as a thoughtful gift. Gifts such as these unique gifts for bereaved mothers make it easy to find something when you don’t know where to go.


Call them on the phone

Calling is a great way to show love during any time of year but is especially helpful during Valentine’s Day. Reach out and tell that special mom that is grieving that you love her! Calling will still be a meaningful gesture. You could ask her about her day or simply show her support with words of encouragement for getting through such a terrible loss. Some people say that talking on the phone deepens their relationships more than anything else—and if there’s anyone who deserves extra attention from you, it’s a loved one going through a broken heart.


Acknowledge their children

Acknowledge their children. Every day, you and everyone around you will be bombarded with thoughts of love and romance. It’s easy for a grieving mother or father to feel excluded from these celebrations if her family life has changed so drastically. A little reminder that she is still an important part of your family can go a long way in helping her feel loved. You might say something such as, “The kids were asking about your son” or “My grandmother was just talking about how she misses seeing (child) grow up”. Saying something like that will acknowledge that loss but at the same time let them know they are still part of your family and included in celebrations, even if they are not there physically.


Spend time with them

You should take time to reach out and spend quality time with your loved ones any day, but especially on holidays. Take them out for coffee or go for a walk or do something else that you both enjoy as Valentine’s Day activities. This is an excellent way to show your loved ones that they are important in your life. You may not be able to give them all of their children back, but you can still help fill that void and make sure they feel loved and appreciated by being there for them regularly during this difficult time in their lives.

Every day, many grieving mothers wake up feeling like they don’t matter. These mothers can feel lonely and left out of conversations with friends who are making plans for Valentine’s Day or other events centered around love. Be sure to take some time out to show them love in the best way that you can.