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3 Tools to Help Latter-day Saints Understand the New Testament

Sometimes, understanding the background and intricacies behind the stories in The New Testament can be hard. There’s much more to the stories than the basics you learned in Primary. There’s meaning behind the translation that can get lost, there’s symbolism, and there are things about society, at the time, that you might not understand without more information. Seeking out experts or ways to expand your knowledge, is a great way to understand the New Testament even more, and to apply its teachings in your life. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

1. Podcasts and Videos

Have you tried listening to podcasts? Podcasts are a great way to expand your knowledge! If you look up podcasts about the New Testament, you’ll find many. There are even a few that are specifically taught from an LDS perspective or that help supplement the Come Follow Me program.

If you prefer videos, you can also turn to YouTube to find lectures done by professors of religion about the New Testament, as well. Learning from others that are well-educated on the topic is a great way to learn more! You might even come across a few BYU devotionals and speeches that could be helpful in your process as well.

2. Study Journal or Guide

Maybe you prefer to study on your own, but you need some more thought-provoking ways to look at what you’re reading. Buying a study guide such as a Come Follow Me Old Testament study guide would be great for you! The study guides will help prompt you to ask better questions and do more research. It will expand your knowledge through thought-provoking ideas. You can also get a study journal. It’s similar to a study guide, but it allows you the ability to make more notes. So, if your writing helps you to ask more questions and do more research, you might do well with a New Testament study journal.

3.Take a Class

It’s great to attend Sunday School lessons about the New Testament, but do you feel like you want an even better understanding of the New Testament? Consider signing up for a class! Some universities and colleges offer classes on the New Testament that you might be able to sign up for!

No matter what you decide to do, way to go for taking steps to learn more about The New Testament!