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4 Methods to Fix Noisy Doors Installed in a Garage

Having a garage acts as a great benefit when owning a home but having a noisy garage door can turn it into a nightmare. A loud garage door not only irritates the owner but also his neighbors, waking up people who are sleeping and generally irritating everyone in its vicinity. This article talks about some methods that one can use to fix the noisy garage door.

 Method 1: Tighten nuts and bolts

The garage door noises one is hearing might be because of the fact the door and track supports have loose or missing screws and bolts which causes the door to rattle in its rails. The most effective way to quiet the garage door is to retighten the bolts and screws by using a wrench and socket set. Take care not to overtighten this hardware as one might risk stripping the lag screw holes or pulling the carriage bolt heads through the door. It is necessary to take safety precautions before tightening nuts and bolts. 

Method 2: Lubricate or replace the springs

The garage door might have torsion and extension springs. The torsion springs are found above the door after one has closed it and the extension springs by the tracks on the door’s sides. If the garage door works at all, the broken spring will definitely make for a noisy garage door. In such cases, it is recommended not to adjust, repair, or remove springs or parts to which springs are connected. Adjustments or repairs to the springs or counterbalance system should only be made by a professional door system technician to prevent any injury. Also, be careful not to over-lubricate as it can drip on the door when it is operating.

Method 3: Lubricate or replace the hinges

The garage door has a lot of parts that can wear out causing the garage door to make noise. When checking the door, see if hinges are broken, worn out, or have dust or metal fillings around the hinge area. If any of the mentioned conditions are present, consider lubricating or replacing the hinges. Wear gloves when lubricating hinges to keep them clean from the synthetic lubricant. If hinges are to be replaced, contact a professional contractor. 

Method 4: Lubricate or replace the rollers

When closing or opening the garage door, if it makes a loud noise, especially a squeaking or grinding noise, then the problem might be with the rollers. In such a case, the loud garage door can be fixed by lubricating the rollers and other moving parts. It is not recommended to lubricate the nylon portion of the rollers or other plastic garage door components. 

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After going through the above-mentioned article, it can be concluded that there are several components of the garage door that function smoothly only due to frequent maintenance using a safe and effective garage door lubricant. If there is any other major problem then it is better to contact the professional door maintenance services for fixing the loud garage door.