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Preventing Porch Pirates

Retail therapy can be a great mood booster. Coming home to packages from an online shopping spree can feel like Christmas. However, you might not be the only one keeping an eye out for the delivery truck.

As online shopping habits increase across the country, there are emerging threats that could prevent successful delivery of your purchases. Porch pirates are thieves who steal packages from porches and doorsteps, often unaware of what items they are taking. In one study, about 24% of adults reported themselves victims of a porch pirate and of these victims, 64% have since attempted to take extra precautions when ordering online.

Your front porch or doorstep is often vulnerable to these pirates when you’re not home. Without a secure or private area for mail and deliveries, you might be more susceptible to pilfering. While it may be inconvenient to ship your package to another address or purchase a lock box or security system, the safety benefits could help you with more than theft. For example, not only can a video security system offer visual confirmation of anyone who walks up to the door, it can also give you peace of mind and serve as proof if you ever need to file a police report.

Porch pirates tend to monitor neighborhoods that have high shipment activity in order to avoid detection. In fact, with the large number of online shoppers, many package robberies go unreported or uninvestigated, primarily because many deliveries contain items that can easily be replaced. If you are a victim of porch piracy, it’s recommended to contact the seller of the item, file a report and implement new measures to ensure your safety.

With the rise in online shopping, many thieves have discovered an easy way to steal items. Check out our infographic for more information on porch piracy and tips to prevent it.


Author bio: Jerry McSorley is the owner of Eye Trax, the leading provider of solar-powered wireless outdoor security cameras. After working many years within the construction industry, McSorley needed a way to monitor and secure his multiple construction sites. Combining his mechanical engineering degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and extensive business owner experience, he invented an innovative surveillance camera system.

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