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What Constitutes the Best Pizza Near Me?

Pizza can be the most divisive food on the planet. Everyone has an opinion on how pizza should be served and what ingredients are acceptable. But when they’re asked how far they have to go to get a good slice of pizza, they invariably say that the best pizza is relatively local. They say that the “best pizza near me” is a shop that offers the style of pizza they like and the toppings they prefer. 

They often add that they’re very picky about the pizza they eat and list the finer points of what makes the perfect pizza. This highlights two of the most universal yet somewhat opposing facts about pizza. The “best pizza near me” is never far from home, and there are excellent pizzas in your area no matter where in the world you’re located. 

These facts illustrate the world’s acceptance of pizza as a favourite food. The toppings may change whether you’re in Rio de Janeiro, London, New York, or Kuala Lumpur, but the base remains the same. These “perfect” pizza bases are either Neapolitan, New York, Chicago, or Detroit-style pizza.

Regional Toppings

Some pizza places diverge in their thinking about how best to approach the subject of toppings. Some want to stick with traditional toppings only in presenting as authentic a pizza as possible. These traditionalists offer only cheese, pepperoni, salami, olives, ham, mushrooms, and oregano, basil, and chilli, no matter where they are in the world. 

But some pizza sellers like to cater to what’s popular in the local market. They figure that they’ll attract more of the younger generations, who are always the primary consumers of pizza. So, you have toppings like the controversial pineapple that even Gordon Ramsay has an opinion on (unfavourable). But you also have adaptations that account for regional and religious dietary customs and norms in various countries.

We have seen beef rendang pizza, Tandoori chicken pizza, and tom yung goong pizza in our travels around Southeast Asia. Seafood pizza is relatively popular all over the continent, and there are plenty of pizzas with crab, shrimp, scallops and tuna. In Korea, barbecued beef slices of bulgogi are one of the most popular pizza toppings. 

Liberal or Conservative?

While not all these toppings will appeal to everyone, you’d be doing yourself, as well as your palate, a disservice if you chose not to at least try all the toppings offered in your area. You may find the perfect topping that will add a little variety to your life. At the very least, you’ll be able to know whether you’re a liberal or conservative when it comes to the subject of pizza toppings. 

You also may be able to provide a different answer to the question of “what is the best pizza near me”, and talk about a pizza place in your area that offers an entirely new and delicious experience in pizza toppings.