price of LASIK in Malaysia
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What is the price of LASIK in Malaysia?

It seems that more and more clinics these days are offering LASIK at low prices all over Malaysia. That’s because with the advances of modern medicine, the LASIK procedure is becoming faster and safer than ever before, and this has just increased its popularity.

For those who still are unaware of the benefits of LASIK, this is an eye procedure that can increase your vision to the point that you don’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses anymore. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis. 

The surgery has an excellent track record for many years following the procedure and still offers improved vision as we age, and our vision naturally diminishes. If you are mildly nearsighted, the price of LASIK may be impossible to pass up in achieving near-perfect vision in Malaysia. 

Low Prices for Improved Vision

When you consider how much you pay to have your eyes tested and then pay for eyewear, you can easily justify the price of LASIK in Malaysia. With a pair of glasses running anywhere from RM 50 to RM 500 for the latest designer eyewear, paying for a procedure that frees you from having to wear glasses or contact lenses for many years to come is enticing.

And when you consider that you’d have to refill your prescription again and again over the years as your eyes worsened, the price of LASIK in Malaysia looks even better. 

Appealing to More Patients

The price, as well as the ease and comfort of the procedure, is convincing more Malaysians to take the step to repair their eyes surgically. Even the medical barriers are beginning to be overcome. And this simply means that more people can enjoy the benefits of LASIK. 

LASIK was out of reach for people with thin corneas or a medical condition that made it too risky to have laser-assisted surgery. But with the creation of LASEK, the use of the laser is made much safer by the technique of applying an alcohol solution and an ultra-thin sheet that adheres to the epithelium. This allows the surgeon to gently move it out of the way and treat the layer of the cornea underneath without causing damage to the entire cornea. 

The doctor then reshapes the cornea using the laser and installs a special contact lens while the eye heals. This slightly different technique offers the same benefits as LASIK and takes about the same amount of time. 

Better Value and Better Sight

The low price of LASIK in Malaysia means that you can have each eye done for RM 2000, or the cost of designer eyewear frames. When you consider how many frames and lenses you’d go through over the years, it doesn’t take long before you realize the better value LASIK has against sticking with eyeglasses or contact lenses.  

Contact the International Specialist Eye Centre (ISEC) in Kuala Lumpur to schedule a consultation with an eye doctor and find out more about the price benefits of LASIK in Malaysia.