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Home Hot Tubs – Are They Worth the Money?

A home hot tub is undoubtedly a luxury purchase but is it really as extravagant as we think? In this article we explore the benefits and disadvantages of hot tub ownerships as we ask the question – are home hot tubs really worth the money?

Initial cost

You may think to buy a hot tub, you will need to fork out thousands of pounds at once, however most reputable hot tub retailers will offer finance plans, allowing you to pay for your hot tub in monthly instalments. The price of a home hot tub can range anywhere from £250 (for an inflatable style tub) to £20,000 plus for the most luxurious high end models. However, the average price for a hard shell, mid-sized home hot tub is around three to seven thousand pounds. That’s around £60 – £150 per calendar month over a period of 48 months.

Running Costs

Heating Costs

Hard shell hot tubs are designed to be kept hot 24/7. Some hot tub owners like to shut down their hot tubs over the winter to cut running costs, however winter is an excellent time to use your hot tub so by shutting down for winter you are not really getting the full benefits of your purchase. Despite running around the clock, hot tubs are surprisingly inexpensive to run.

Modern hot tubs are designed to be as energy efficient as possible and will cost around 75p to £1 a day to run. Be wary however, if you try your chances with a cheaper, lower-quality model you may end up paying more to run your hot tub in the end. Your hot tub retailer should be able to tell you the cabinet components put in place to keep the water well insulated. Look for base and skirting insulation as well as shell insulation. Additionally, investing in a heat retention cover and full outer cover will also help to keep running costs low.

Maintenance Costs

Just like a swimming pool, your hot tub will need to be regularly treated with sanitizer to keep the water hygienically clean. Most hot tub owners either use bromine or chlorine as a sanitizer which can be purchased at most hot tub retailers for a relatively cheap price. Many people choose to buy their sanitizer in bulk for better value which is the best option as sanitizer is something you will always need. In addition to your chosen sanitizer, you will need a pack of test strips so that you can regularly check the hot tubs chemical levels.

From time to time, you may also need additional cleaning and chemical agents such as ph+/minus solution to balance the water ph level, as well as specifically targeted cleaning solutions such as waterline cleaner and filter cleaner. All in all, hot tub cleaning and sanitizing products are relatively cheap and won’t set you back much more than £10 a month.

Benefits of a Home Hot Tub

There are hundreds of benefits to owning and using a home hot tub both physical and mental. From pain relief to relaxation and everything in between.

The perfect way to de-stress

With 85% of adults experiencing stress regularly and 54% of adults concern about the impact of stress on their health it seems as though we all could do with more ways to relax. The great thing about a home hot tub is that it provides a healthy, safe way to relax in the comfort of our own home. With a hot tub, there’s no need to succumb to unhealthy habits to de-stress like drinking, overeating or overspending.

Massage on Demand

A good massage can make you feel as though you have a brand new body. And if you’ve ever had the pleasure of a professional massage, you’ll know that feeling is hard to recreate, even with a home massage tools or the hands of a friend/partner. Most hot tubs are equipped with massage jets to provide stimulating and relaxing massage that rivals that of a professional masseuse.

More Benefits

The benefits to owning a hot tub don’t stop at relaxation and massage, there are hundreds more benefits to look at including pain relief, improved sleep, improved range of motion and improved social life (to name a few).

When it comes to the question of whether or not a hot tub is worth the money, it makes sense to look at your lifestyle, budget and the benefits of owning a hot tub. For some, a hot tub may not be worth the money, but for most of us where the price of a hot tub is within our budget the benefits of hot tub use far outweigh the cost.

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