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Cool bars in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is London’s East End hip neighbourhood, and it is full of cool pubs, ultra-stylish bars and quirky bars. To make things easier for you these bars and pubs range from the coolest, wildest, quirkiest to weirdest bars to quench your pleasures. Hidden entrances, drinking dens, secret passwords, incongruous names and thriving bar scenes are the norm for these speakeasies. Cool bars in Shoreditch can be difficult to find but worry less because we have rounded some of the coolest bars and pubs in Shoreditch.

The 5 best cool bars in Shoreditch

The Shoreditch. The décor inside this Shoreditch cocktail bar is out of this world. This cocktail bar showcases its unique look from umbrellas, pirates, rugs on the ceiling and disco balls. It has a pleasant lounge bar vibe during the early nights and transforms into a dance party during the late hours. They have lots of cocktails to choose from and it is no doubt that cocktails are their specialty. If you are looking for fun, something crazy yet astonishing this is where to head out in East London.


Dreams Bags Jaguar Shoes. This quirky café and bar host regular club nights and exhibitions alongside the best pizza in town. It is usually open all day long and when dark creeps in is when this bar comes to life. This Kingsland road party bar has combined creativity and lifestyle in one showcasing an unfussy and architectural environment in one place. All this has been made possible with flying colours and constant exhibitions that transform the venue into a full-on art installation.


Nightjar. Nightjar is an elegant drinking den that is a world away from the overcrowded bars and clubs which are symbolic of London. A popular destination for discerning drinkers, it entices its visitors with quality cocktails, vibrant live music, and attentive personal service. Come sit, relax, and enjoy jazz music which will soundtrack you’re evening.


Gold Step. Gold Step is nestled in the heart of Shoreditch and it specializes in Mexican persuasion. This bold and beautiful bar serves tequila, mescal and other agave-based creations that will give you the best interactive cocktail experience of your life. Inside this bar, you will be captured by an ambiance of Mexicana from the textures, colour palette, plants and TVs blinkering with Mexican films and commercials. The bar has rarities of shots and it includes options such as Grand Maya Ultra Anejo; a slow-cooked double-distilled tequila that is aged more than 3 years.


Swingers the Crazy Golf Club. At Swingers, the crazy golf club you will have one incredible social experience which is a combination of the holy trinity that is street food, crazy golf and amazing cocktails. Unless you are at the bar inside the club there is no dress code, ban on mobiles or penalties for going wild. Swingers have two central London venues and in both, you will be in for a ride to another world.


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