An Overview of Pigmentation Treatment in Malaysia scaled
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An Overview of Pigmentation Treatment in Malaysia

What Are Pigmentation Reduction Treatments in Malaysia?

Many exciting cosmetic procedures are available in Malaysia to help make your face and body look more beautiful. These procedures can include body treatments, such as injections to burn fat or laser treatments to remove stretch marks, hair treatments like masks to increase shine or laser hair removal, or facial treatments, such as lasers to reduce signs of aging or facial contouring services. 

Modern medicine has given us the ability to change many characteristics of our bodies and attain the look that we desire. One of the treatments now available in Malaysia is pigmentation treatments, which help to reduce signs of various types of pigmentation on the skin. This article will give an overview of skin pigmentation treatments in Malaysia and explain factors that you should know before getting this treatment for yourself.  

What Are Pigmentation Reduction Treatments?

Pigmentation reduction treatments in Malaysia use a Candela GentleLase Pro laser, which targets certain pigmentations in the skin to remove them. This procedure can be done to lessen the appearance of dark spots on the skin of the body or the face. The types of pigmentation that can be removed include freckles, birthmarks, or post-trauma pigmentation such as scarring or age spots.

Because the laser used in pigmentation reduction treatments only targets the spot on the skin that absorbs a specific wavelength of light, it can reduce pigmentation without damaging the surrounding skin. The laser heats the pigmented area only, which is drawn to the surface, leaving the surrounding skin untouched. After they are drawn to the skin’s surface, the pigmentations will fade, dry, and flake off, leaving evenly toned skin underneath.

What to Know About Getting Pigmentation Treatments

Before a pigmentation reduction treatment in Malaysia, you will need to avoid direct sun exposure and make sure you use high-strength sunscreen during any time spent outside. You should also avoid any chemical peels or other treatments that will erode your skin. Furthermore, it is essential that you don’t get any other types of laser treatments within two weeks beforehand on the area of skin you will have treated.

After getting a pigmentation reduction treatment in Malaysia, you should follow many of the same procedures as before your treatment. You will need to keep the treated skin safe from sun damage or other laser treatments and avoid harsh chemicals. Additionally, you should not exfoliate your skin or engage in any activities that could cause excessive sweating for 1-2 days after your treatment. 

Get a Pigmentation Treatment in Malaysia

If you are interested in getting a pigmentation reduction treatment in Malaysia, you can reach out to a beauty clinic. The technology is now fairly common, but be sure before you make a booking to check the credentials of the specialists on staff to make sure they are well trained and will give you the best quality treatments.