Kid not Listening

Kids not Listening Anymore? Skills of Active Listening

The days of “my kids not listening anymore” are over. You don’t have to tolerate the silence from your baby, or the screaming, yelling or shouting from the parents. It is time to teach the basics of listening. Learn how to communicate with your child.

A Mini-Worksheet in Help With Child Does Not Listen – there are 7 modules in this Parenting Worksheet – all designed to help you find out the truth about your children and what causes them to not listen. You will find that most of your children do not really listen when you talk to them in person, so you need a way to find out what they are saying, and how you can help them listen. Here is what you can learn from this mini-worksheet –

How to better identify your children’s needs. Who do they want? What do they need? When do they want it? What are their wants, and what do they need from you?

Learn how to communicate with your child. This module will cover basic communication skills, such as: saying thank you, saying that you appreciate it and even how to say “I love you.” You will also learn the different types of communication: direct, indirect, verbal, physical and non verbal.

How to listen to your child in their time of crisis. This module will cover all sorts of emotional questions, such as: “Do I have to yell at you?” “What do you want me to do?”

You will also learn how to read your child’s sleep patterns and cues. Do they sleep when they want to, or are they always tired? Is their sleep pattern normal, or is it different?

How to listen to your child when your spouse is angry. This module will discuss the different reasons your spouse might be angry with you. and what you can do to get past those differences and make your relationship stronger.

You will find the answers to your questions in the 7 modules and it is all covered in a quick and easy to follow step by step format. This Parenting Worksheet is designed to help you solve the problems of the children you spend the most time with – your children, your spouse, children or friends.

The Parenting Work Sheet has been written for parents who want to know the basics, and have some information on what to do, rather than the whole laundry list of things to do. Here is what you will learn from this mini-work sheet…

You know that children have needs, too. This module will give you the information you need to start helping them with those needs. Some needs might be physical (like your child’s health), others might be emotional (like their sleep and their moods) others might be emotional (like the behavior of their peers). Some needs are very simple and some needs are very complex. It all depends on your child, but what needs you think are more important.

One of your first tasks is to understand your child’s need for boundaries. You might find yourself surprised at how many need boundaries, and how many times you don’t notice.

You know that you can’t make your child listen or give in, or change your mind, or try something new. This module will show you where you need to go to find that. and why. You’ll learn why you can’t talk, why you can’t give in or make changes to your child’s behavior, and why you need to listen and be able to connect with your child.

You know that you need to be consistent, not only with the rules that you have set for them, but also with the behaviors that you want them to use. and the choices that they make.

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