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Gift Ideas For A Godchild

Being close enough to a friend or family member to be asked to be godparent to their child is one of the most special and heart-warming things a person can experience in life. As a godparent you don’t have the everyday responsibility of raising the child, but there is a degree of guardianship that makes the bond between you a very special one. After accepting the invitation to be a special figure in their life, the next stage is to enjoy the christening, and christenings often bring with them the chance for gift giving! With this in mind, here is a list of ideas for what to give your godchild for their first big party!


1. Clothing


One of the things that parents need the most in the first year or so of their baby’s life is clothes, and plenty of them! Things like baby vests are perfect because little ones have to be changed so many times a day it is often hard to keep up with the washing. The more baby vests you can give, the less stressed your parent friends are going to be on a daily basis! It may not seem a very exciting present but it will be welcomed by the parents as being very thoughtful and useful.


2. Money Box


A money box is a traditional gift to give a godchild for their christening. It isn’t something that can be used right away, but it is something that should be seen as an heirloom that the child can have with them as they grow up. There are plenty of companies and websites that allow for customisation of a money box to make it completely unique and personal to the child in question. A wonderful item for placing baby’s first coins!


3. Teddy Bear


After all, what is cuter than a great big teddy bear for a baby? They might not quite be old enough to interact with different toys, but even small babies can feel the benefit and softness of having a plush companion with them in their cot. Again, this is the kind of gift that can be personalised to however you want, with the stitching of names and special colour schemes etc.


4. Charm Bracelet


A charm bracelet is another traditional gift that a godparent can give to a goddaughter because it is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the years. Many godparents make it a tradition to buy a new charm for the bracelet each birthday or Christmas, turning the bracelet into a special item that builds a connection between the two of you.


5. Baby Book


It is often the role of the godparent to buy a baby book for the parents, and this is a book that you fill out with all of the special milestone moments of the godchild’s life such as birth details, first words, dates of first crawl and first walk etc. A baby book is one of the most important memory preserving items that a godparent can give.


Gifts for godchildren can be something that is useful to the parents or a keepsake which will provide the child with memories to treasure later in life.

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