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How to Go About Hiring Toilets for a Party

Toilets can be hired for any event that you can think of. However, when it comes to throwing a part, toilets are a must! One popular event where there are lots of guests might be a wedding. You might also have a business conference to organise. Different people have differing needs. For example, those on medication such as water pills will require access to a toilet more frequently. Those with children in tow will need to consider them, too. Online companies are making hiring portable toilets as simple as emailing your contact details and indicating your enquiry type. In this case it will be “Event Hire”. Although, toilets are also hired to the construction industry. It is hard to go about your work when you feel the need to want to go.

Finding a Supplier

Your first task as an events organiser will be to find someone who can supply you with the toilets. A quantity to serve the differing needs of a range of people. To find someone who will deliver them and collect them afterwards. A company who will attend to the toilets by supplying you with toilet attendants and cleaning services. A service that extends to periodically emptying the toilets. These types of services can now be found online, where email contacts and telephone numbers are provided.

Deciding on Numbers

There is no minimum number of portable toilets that you can hire. Companies can cater for a few, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of guests. Many companies on their websites will provide calculators to work out the numbers of toilets that you are likely to require. For instance, asking questions such as maximum attendance, the number of hours the event will last, and whether alcohol is being served. The last question is important as alcohol does make people want to go to the toilet more. Alcohol is a diuretic. Drinking it will inhibit a person’s release of the hormone Vasopressin or ADH (Anti-diuretic hormone). The suppression of the hormone’s release will mean that your brain will stop signalling the release of ADH which is what signals for your kidney to hold onto water. In addition, a person’s kidneys will regulate the amount of water a person has in their body by monitoring the plasma osmolality of their blood. That is the ratio of particles to fluid in their blood. If then, someone has more fluid because they have drunk a lot of alcohol, the kidneys are going to tell the body to release more urine. These are the reasons why it is doubly important to adequately cater for guests at an event where alcohol is served.

Deciding on Types of Toilets

It is possible to hire single toilets, 4-man urinals, disabled toilets, luxury toilet trailers, and even mobile shower units for events. It all depends on how long your event will last for and how muddy guests might get. You may not be aware of all the individual requirements of the guests attending, despite asking all those kinds of questions in advance, so you will need to play safe and cater for every possibility, including having disabled toilets in the line-up. Disabled toilets have baby changing facilities for guests with younger children and are also useful for older people due to them being more spacious.

The kinds of toilets hired out to events are self-contained units made from plastic that is light and durable. They are generally chemical-based toilets that make the best use of space and eliminate the kinds of unpleasant odours associated with toileting. Any waste produced by the guests will be collected in tanks which will be secure and not leak. It is inside the tanks that the chemicals will break down the waste matter in accordance with the various health and safety regulations for public spaces. These kinds of toilets are temporary, so they have the advantage of not needing to be connected to mains drainage or water supplies.

The above hopefully gives you an idea as to how to go about hiring a toilet, or a group of them, and brings to the attention the considerations that need to be made when doing so. We cannot leave it to chance, we must provide for what is known and what is also unknown.

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