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Attention Sellers: Curb Appeal Improvements With High ROI

Winter is here! Combine the colder weather for many states in the country with the coronavirus pandemic that we’re still experiencing and we can expect to come across a lot more free time. If you’re stuck at home this winter, why not invest your time and resources into something a little more valuable than just sourdough bread and binge watching the newest season of your favorite show.

Winter can be a great time to work on home improvements, especially if you plan on selling your house in the future. Curb appeal might not seem like a priority in the winter, especially if you’re up north, but it should be treated with just as much importance. Here are some ideas for home improvement projects in the colder months that can make you some money.

Keep things Clean

Before diving too deep into new landscaping additions, take some time to clean up what you already have. A new looking, tidy exterior is going to appear much more valuable than one that has clutter all over the yard. Weather permitting, consider power washing or adding a new coat of paint to the outside of the home. Some other quick fixes include adding a layer of mulch over some of the landscaping. Not only does this give the exterior a tidy appearance, but the mulch will also help the soil retain moisture throughout the winter.

Work with the Climate

Unless you’re living in a state where it’s warm year round, flowers and certain plants are out of the question until at least April. However, this doesn’t mean that adding new greenery is totally out of the question! When it comes to creating curb appeal in the colder months, you need to consider the local climate. In places where winter is cold, consider shrubs and evergreens. These types of plants withstand cold, harsh temperatures while also adding color and life to the yard!

Use Decorations to Your Advantage

Sometimes, the actual grass and garden aren’t going to be the focus of your curb appeal. Winter decorating offers a lot of options for creativity, even when the holidays aren’t involved. Play with colors like greens, reds, and blues that will pop against the snow and lack of flowers. The key is add life when things are beginning to look dull. Some areas of the outside of the house to consider repainting include shutters and doors. Both can look worn and dirty if left forgotten, and a fun new color can draw attention to your home. In terms of decorations, wreaths and garden ornaments, like tasteful windchimes, are your friend. Use them to your advantage, but don’t go overboard.

Lighting is Key

Lighting, especially when the sun sets around five in some places, is crucial! According to top agents in the country, it’s one of the best curb appeal improvements with a high ROI. Start by focusing on any current lighting that’s not functioning properly and replace old bulbs with new ones. Then, move on to adding in any additional spotlights or decorative lighting to enhance the look of your home during the nighttime!

Make this winter a useful one by considering some of the curb appeal projects above. Selling your home during a pandemic might come with new challenges, but preparing your home in advance is going to greatly benefit you. We hope you have a Happy New Year and we’ll see you back here soon!

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