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Some Fun Activities for Airsoft Guns

Airsoft can be considered one of the more tactical hobbies to become involved in. A variety of military-style games can be played in a variety of settings and you can hit the other participants in the body with your non-metal-based pellets and not harm them. You can be your gun-slinging hero from the big screen for just a day, or every week. Beretta Airsoft Pistols make a great weapon of choice for playing these kinds of games. This article will explore how adventurous we can be with airsoft while enjoying the outdoors and the company of others.


Popular games to play with airsoft guns are those replicating the military. Airsoft gun types range from pistols to rifles. They can be fired electronically or via gas-propelling mechanisms that shoot the bullets down the barrel. If you want complete realism, then the gas propelled guns or pistols are the best, as they give off a real kick, just like a real gun would.

To play in true military-style, you can dress up in full camouflage, and even paint your face with brown and yellow stripes, so that you can feel like a real solder.

Police Force

Apart from the army using weapons, the police force will also use them to catch felons. So, why not pretend to be an officer of the law chasing an assailant. Then, when you find them, and they refuse to surrender to you, pelt them with your airsoft gun. In the legs to stop them running away. Then, in the spirit of the game, they should slowly drop to the floor and then take no further part in the game.

To play police-style, you can even carry a truncheon and handcuffs to make the arrest. Remember to have a key for them, though, or that would not be very sporting at all.

Games of “Hide and Seek”

Another great game to play with an airsoft gun is that of “hide and seek”. You can take it in turns to hide from each other. To hide by blending in with your environment, just like a soldier in camouflage does. If you are caught, the penalty is that you face the airsoft gun of your hunter, who will then shoot a harmless pellet into your body to signal that you have lost and are out of the game. Many hours of harmless fun can be had with airsoft gun play.

So, three great games to play with an airsoft gun. These are something than can be easily obtained online. There are a variety of Beretta pistols to choose from that will serve you well in your game. They all look and operate in a realist way in terms of those that fear them during your game. It is fun to be chased and hunted down when it is only in play. It is becoming a popular hobby that adults and children alike will play. It helps adults to relax from a stressing day at work, and children to engage with each other outside of school. Life does not have to be all indoors and about using computers, there are more practical hobbies that will get you out and about and enjoying the fresher air outdoors.

Being outdoors lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and improves mood. We know this because researchers and scientists are telling us so. Our opportunity to heed their advice is to take up a hobby such airsoft. The activity will keep us fit and help our body both physically and mentally. It makes sense to choose a hobby, more of a sport really, that improves health and wellbeing, as much as it entertains and gives us extra skills.