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Struggling with Clutter in Your Small Living Space

Many millennials are having trouble finding a place for their possessions as more and more of them are moving in to rent smaller homes and flats. We have all this stuff but there is nowhere for it to go. This leads many to having to deal with clutter.

Clutter can negatively impact the mind as well as the physical environment. Despite one’s best efforts, a lot of “things” can occupy space, both physically and mentally. There are other factors than a lack of sufficient space that contribute to clutter. Red indicators indicating you might have a clutter problem include things like an inability to let go of or throw away stuff, impulse buying, a lack of an organizing routine, and an ambiguity about what counts as clutter. When the contract or lease

For further information on the psychological repercussions of clutter and how to avoid it, check out our resource below!

Struggling With Clutter from Mo2 Properties, a Roscoe Village, Chicago Apartment Rental Company