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Romantic Getaway in Geneva

Geneva is a beautiful city with amazing scenery, interesting culture, and delicious cuisine. These explain its reverence among travellers as a top romantic destination in Europe. There’re countless romantic spots and activities to keep your mind busy, heart full, and soul fulfilled throughout your stay. Read on to discover the romantic beauty of Geneva.

The Best Romantic Things to See and Do in Geneva 

  1. Book a Romantic Hotel

A romantic escape in Geneva requires a romantic stay. So, you need a lovely hotel that will make your getaway luxurious, enjoyable, and satisfactory. Even better if it’s peaceful and quiet. 

Fortunately, Geneva has an abundance of romantic hotels across the city. However, that means you might be spoilt for choice. Some of the favourites for couples include Hotel d’Angleterre, Hotel Bristol Geneve, Mandarin Oriental, and Tiffany Hotel, to name a few.

Important factors to consider when making your choice include location, services, additional facilities, and rates.

  1. Take a Boat Cruise on Lake Geneva

A romantic getaway in Geneva would be incomplete without a cruise on one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. The water’s turquoise scenery and the surrounding artistic landscape make the perfect backdrop for a romantic hangout.

You’ll have an amazing time soaking in the breathtaking views of nature and enjoying each other’s company. You can snap photos using your camera or smartphone. Remember to stop by the jet d’eau fountain.

  1. Enjoy a Thermal Bath

Thermal baths in Geneva are highly recommended for couples seeking escape, intimate connection, therapeutic healing, or deep relaxation. The steaming water provides a wholesome magical feeling that’s nourishing and rejuvenating.

The best part is the panoramic views surrounding most of the thermal baths in the city. For instance, Les Bains de Lavey is in a picture-perfect hilly area. Others include Original Float Experience, Les Bains de Cressy, and Spa Nescens.

  1. Riding an E-bike

The best way to explore the city of Geneva as a couple is to hop on E-bikes and ride around. You can make stops whenever and wherever you want. The convenience gives you control over what to do. 

You can map your route in advance or be spontaneous and make decisions on the move. There’re many places to visit along the way, like the markets to buy souvenirs and other gifts. In the end, you’ll have a truly memorable experience.

If you don’t want to ride bikes but wish to move around easily, you can take a taxi bike and let the rider guide you through Geneva.

  1. Visit the Old Town

The old town is one of Geneva’s hidden gems. It holds more than 2000 years of history. So, naturally, its antique romantic appeal is incomparable. From the historical buildings, small streets, and aesthetically appealing squares, the place’s ambience screams romance.

The best attractions to visit in the area include St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Old Arsenal, and Place du Bourg-de-Four. Take your time to explore the city and, if possible, extend it until evening because that’s when the town’s beauty comes to life.

The highlight of your evening should be a romantic dinner at one of the best restaurants in Old Town.

  1. Chocolate Tasting

Switzerland is synonymous with the best chocolates in the world. So, it wouldn’t make sense to visit one of its major cities on a romantic getaway and not taste its luxurious chocolates. You can start your chocolate-tasting tour at Maison Cailler—one of the oldest chocolate factories in Switzerland.

You’ll learn the history of chocolate in the country, the process of making the chocolates, and finally, taste some of their best products.

  1. Go Skiing

Learning to ski together on the slopes surrounding Geneva is a good bonding activity for couples. So, gear up, go to a ski resort or find a professional instructor. The thrill and intensity of trying and failing at first, are fodder for a good laugh and memorable moments.

When you finally get your groove, it’ll be a great go-to romantic activity for both of you; A good reason to visit Geneva often. Also, skiing the Swiss Alps in Geneva can be therapeutic if you have a lot on your mind.

  1. Stroll Through the Park

A morning or evening stroll in the park is an all-time romantic activity for couples. That doesn’t change when on a romantic escape in Geneva. In fact, Geneva has some really cool parks. Namely, the English Garden and Bastion Park. 

The former has been around since 1854 and features beautiful trees, flowers, and a garden clock. On the other hand, Bastion Park is in Old Town and is renowned for its sculptures and monuments.

Apart from strolling around, you can find a place to sit or even go for a picnic and still enjoy quality time together.

  1. Ride a Cable Car

A cable car ride is one of the best experiences you can share as a couple in Geneva. It’s even better to get a cable ride that only hosts you and your partner. The views as you ride up the mountains are unbelievably stunning. They mirror the beautiful love you share.

  1. Go Hiking 

Lastly, hiking up the mountain trails in Geneva does a lot of good for couples on a romantic getaway. Apart from keeping fit, you connect better as you climb the terrains and overcome minor obstacles together.

Reaching the peak will be more fulfilling when you relax to savour the sweeping views of Geneva. 


Having these activities in your itinerary for a romantic getaway in Geneva will impact your vacation significantly. They provide fulfilling experiences to celebrate love. Whether you’re newly wedded, engaged, or married for years, Geneva will help to keep your romance alive.