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Finding it Hard to Keep Your Bread Fresh? Here are 5 Tips

Bread is a staple in most households. Despite coming in different shapes, sizes, and tastes, it is still a common accompaniment for whatever protein you are having. Bread provides you with the much-needed carbs to give you energy. However, whether you make your bread yourself or buy it from the shop, you must have noticed that it is a struggle to keep it fresh for long. Bread grows molds easily and expires fast.

What then can you do so that you eat fresh bread every time you have a bread meal? You simply need better storage. Proper storage of bread delays the onset of molds and reduces the chances of retrogradation. Don’t despair. We have just the tricks and tips to help you keep your bread fresh for long.

Avoid The Fridge

You must be wondering how avoiding the fridge assures you of fresh bread, yet you use it to keep your other foods fresh. Well, there’s no doubt that putting food in the fridge keeps it fresh for long. However, in the case of bread, the fridge hastens the process of retrogradation.

Wondering what this is? Retrogradation occurs when your bread becomes hard. This happens when the starch molecules in the bread crystalize. Fridge draws out the moisture in your bread, making it tough and reducing its freshness.

Wrap Your Bread

After baking your bread and allowing it to cool, wrap it using either a paper bag or aluminum foil. Once your bread leaves the oven, it starts losing the moisture stored in it. Wrapping it using appropriate material reduces the rate of moisture escape, hence preventing bread retrogradation. Avoid using plastic because it encourages mold growth.

Keep You Bread at Room Temperature

The temperature at which you store your bread determines how long your bread stays fresh. The ideal temperature to keep your bread in is room temperature. The room temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius or 68f. At this temperature, bread can stay fresh for up to two days. However, remember to wrap your bread before storing it this way.

Use The Freezer

Freezing your bread is a sure way of ensuring that it stays fresh for long. All you have to do is remember to wrap your bread before placing it in the freezer. The low temperature prevents molds from growing on the bread, thereby preserving its freshness. Also, this method is recommended when your house has high humidity that promotes the growth of molds.

Thawing Your Bread

When it is time to eat your frozen bread, thaw it at room temperature. However, you could also use the oven to thaw it for a few minutes. This makes the bread crusts a little crispier and enhances the taste. You can also achieve this by using the toaster. Eat your bread immediately after you reheat it so that it does not become stale.


Stale bread not only tastes bad but also poses a threat to your health. Eating such bread could result in food poisoning. Now that you know the secrets to eat fresh bread every time, you don’t have to cringe when you think of eating bread that you bought or baked a few days back.

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