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3 Ways to Be Greener in Your Neighbourhood

You might have heard of the expression “Keeping Up with the Joneses”. Well, there is something in it because lots of us do want what the neighbours have, as much as we do not want to find ourselves left behind by technology. For instance, we must all share a concern with our neighbours that our planet needs protecting and want to show them that we feel the same. For instance, we could instal solar panels and show them that our electricity is acquired from a renewable energy source. In a conversation on the front driveway, we could inform those at number 23 how it was simply a case of finding an online provider, Naples solar, and having it all taken care of.

Environmental Trends

One of the areas that we do not wish to find ourselves left behind in, with regards to our neighbours, is in our concern for the environment. It shows a lack of understanding about what is going on in the world and is hardly a good example to set to our children. Global warming and pollution in our oceans are heartfelt issues of importance. Another issue that is relevant is the fact that the world’s natural resources of natural gas, oil, and coal, are running out when it comes to providing power. One of the solutions to this, that has been made available to householders more recently, relates to the technology of solar panels. The solar cells collect sunlight and efficiently convert it into electricity. This saves the depleting resources while at the same time money for the householder, who can enjoy lower energy bills.

So, if you want to get one up on the neighbours, let them see your solar panels and that you are doing more than your bit for the environment. The future of the planet is at stake and needs more help than just rubbish being put out regularly for recycling. Although that is, of course, important too.

Other Technologies

Then, what better planet saving symbol can there be, perhaps number two on the list, than to have your electric car on display in the driveway. If not a hybrid, a completely electric car. Your neighbours will thank you for it being a lot quieter than a petrol or diesel engine, too. From an environmental point of view, petroleum is a fossil fuel that will one day run out. When it does, we will all wish that we had got on board with solar power as a renewable energy source sooner.

To find out more information about the electric car, there is a useful article attached here on the technology.

Growing Your Own Produce

Now this will impress your neighbours. How about growing your own produce in the back garden and then offering them some of it to be friendly?  Offering them strawberries when ripe enough, digging up potatoes in front of them that can become a part of their Sunday dinner this week, or perhaps passing them your longest cucumber to demonstrate just what is possible with a little effort. Growing your own food will demonstrate to them that you have a real understanding for the environment and do not believe in processed food that is lacking in taste and comes with packaging which is unhealthy for our already polluted planet.

So, in summary, these are just a few ways to impress the neighbours and protect the planet at the same time. As more and more householders fit solar panels they will just blend into roofs as if they were part of the roof from new. Either way, they are a symbol of what we now all absorb ourselves in, which is to make sure that there is still a planet in existence for the children of our grandchildren to enjoy. One where we still have the resources to stay warm and power the new technologies that amuse us, make life easier, and keep us safe.

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